3 & 5 point locking systems

Multi point lock

3 & 5 Point Multi-Locking Systems

In today’s world, security as the forefront of many people’s minds. While we can ensure that we have facilities such as CCTV, not everyone may be aware of how they can reinforce security within the home and business. Of course, a lock does serve a purpose, but those who want to ensure they have an additional layer of protection, then it could be time to look at 3 & 5 point multi-locking systems.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for the home or business, Neil can ensure that you’re provided with a solution, regardless of what material your door is made from. A multi locking system is just as easy to operate as that of single lock, but is much more stubborn due to the placement of locks within the frame.

If you feel your home or business could benefit from a 3 or 5 point multi-locking solution, then why not contact Neil to discuss your requirements in more details